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The Zeta Message is a non fiction account of author Judy Carroll's life long contact with the extraterrestrial beings known as Greys or Zetas.  It is also the story of an Australian family who found themselves caught up in full-on conscious contact with these mysterious beings.  Helene Kaye, the co-author of The Zeta Message, was the mother of the family involved.  This book is very different in that, for the first time, detailed answers and explanations are provided on the true meaning behind the ET contact and abduction scenario.
THE ZETA MESSAGE   ISBN-10: 0926524704  
A companion volume to The Zeta Message, Human by Day, Zeta by Night is a docudrama which presents ET/Human contact from the ETs perspective. The medium of story-telling enables much deeper teachings, messages and information on all aspects of ET/Human contact to be conveyed. Alien implants and abduction, crop circles, star children, the Grey/Zeta culture and the expansion of Human consciousness through evolution are all covered in great detail. 
My latest book, EXTRATERRESTRIAL PRESENCE ON EARTH: LESSONS IN HISTORY, is an exposé of the hidden history of Earth, including the development of several different human species, one of which was bio-engineered from dinosaurs, and another later one (modern-day humans) from mammalian primates. This book provides an ET perspective of the history of Earth, including the hijacking of the planet by reptoid 'Controllers' who continue to reincarnate down here, covertly influencing world affairs, and disempowering people through belief systems, governments/politics and big business. The intervention by positive extraterrestrials who are down here to help change this status quo is also discussed, along with information to assist humanity to a higher level of evolution and expanded conscious awareness.

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